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5 Favourites From Hush

This month we’re all about our Cosy At Home theme – we’re focusing in on pampering, warming products, while our friends at Hush are providing the perfect wintery wardrobe. After perusing all their amazing wares, I’ve picked out my top 5 favourites from Hush:

Wintery weekends call for PJs ALL DAY. This set of checked Read more…

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Kirsty And The Chocolate Factory: We Visit Montezuma’s

When Montezuma’s invited me to spend the morning at their chocolate factory HQ, it didn’t take much convincing… As well as having far too much of a sweet tooth, Montezuma’s being new to the box this month, and with it fast becoming a Birchbox customer favourite on our e-shop, we wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse…Ok, so [...] Read more…

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The Layering Lowdown

We admit it, there was once a time when we didn’t know our primer from our serum. Throw a facial oil into the mix and, frankly, it was a bit baffling. But, thanks to our tried-and-tested approach to all things skincare here at Birchbox HQ, those days are behind us and we’ve got our product application locked down. If you’re in need [...] Read more…

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Not that we’re hoarders or anything, but we’re always on the lookout for nifty storage solutions. So here are five ways to re-use your Birchbox drawstring bag, as exercised by the team Birchbox UK. 

1. Use them to store all your make-up - We suggest going all out and diving it up into categories (lips, eyes, face, nails, whatever takes your fancy)

2. Keep your electricals [...] Read more…

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Le Beaujolais Nouveau 2014

Préparez-vous à faire la fête, le Beaujolais Nouveau arrive aujourd’hui, jeudi 20 Novembre ! Ce vin n’est pas réputé pour être de bonne qualité, mais permet d’échanger et de partager un moment de convivialité. Quel Beaujolais ou Beaujolais Village Nouveau choisir ? … Lire la suite

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L’ Astuce beauté de Yasmina Zerroug, créatrice de Charme d’Orient : Quand on…


L’ Astuce beauté de Yasmina Zerroug, créatrice de Charme d’Orient :
Quand on a une baignoire, l’astuce est de mettre directement une cuillère à soupe de savon noir dans l’eau du bain, de se détendre dans son bain pendant 15 à 20 minutes, et de laisser le savon faire son office, lentement mais sûrement. Il suffit ensuite de passer tout doucement la kassa (gant de gommage) sur l’ensemble du corps, en mouvements de va-et-vient, et toutes les peaux mortes vont partir…avec l’eau du bain ! Au final, votre peau est visiblement plus nette, très lumineuse et d’une douceur incroyable.
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How To: Do the Katniss Braid

Here at Birchbox HQ we’re all eagerly awaiting the next instalment of The Hunger Games this weekend! If you’re as excited as us to see The Mockingjay Part I, or if you’ve mastered the French braid and are ready for something a bit more advanced, then this Katniss Everdeen-inspired Dutch braid (demonstrated by the lovely Molly of Birchbox US) is for you! Simply [...] Read more…

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The List: J-Law Returns As The Face Of Dior, Dressing For Success, #MTVStars Of 2014 & More!

Everyone’s favourite Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence, returns in a new campaign for Christian Dior; championing natural beauty with a pretty fresh-faced look and rocking a lacy turtleneck (who knew it could look so stylish?!) WHO WHAT WEAR

Here at Birchbox HQ we love experimenting with fashion as much as we love playing with beauty products, but what [...] Read more…

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